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A Walk on the quiet side by Joanna Sterkowicz

From the moment you enter the Oxford Healthcare Retreat, there is an air of tranquility that permeates through this luxurious and spacious guesthouse. That's quite surprising considering that it is just one block up from Johannesburg's bustling Melrose Arch precinct.…

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I feel like a new woman. On the outside, I still have the same 50 year old failing fat body and same (or insane!) family commitments and daily stresses but it’s what’s new in the inside which makes me feel like I’ve been given a complete overhaul and deep clean and I wish I had done this years ago. The secret … I’ve just spent a glorious 24 hours at the luxurious Oxford Health Retreat in the quiet and leafy Melrose suburb here in Johannesburg, where coupled with peace and quiet, I was given the tools, time and space to reinvigorate and rebalance my whole self or health well-being as it is known today.

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The world we live in is fast-paced, and demands alot from us to keep performing.  According to the experts at Oxford Healthcare Retreat – a boutique wellness guesthouse situated in Melrose, Johannesburg – self-awareness is the path to psychological and physical health, and managing our stress is crucial to becoming happier and better-functioning humans.

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Rest, relaxation and Johannesburg are not words that you would normally use in the same sentence, but at the Oxford Healthcare Retreat, this is exactly what you can expect.

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Stres is onvermydelik in ons samelewing – maar jy kan dit beheer: se Terésa Coetzee.

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Imagine a retreat, an oasis of calm, a temporary escape from reality and all of its daily stresses to rejuvenate the soul and refresh the body and mind … well, such a place actually exists … and in the heart of Johannesburg.

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Many South Africans return to work this week, but the holiday break hasn’t resulted in improvements in stress levels and overall mental health. The number of calls for help received by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group is just as high this January as the last months of 2018. Here is a look at the science behind some stress-busters.

I stepped into a small round pool, heated to exactly body temperature and filled with more than three tons of salt. It was an early evening in December and the room was dark and quiet, but as I lay back and my ears dipped under the water I heard instrumental meditation-style music (coming from the underwater speakers). The purpose of this exercise? To float. And relax.

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As South Africans we live in a hypervigiliant state.

There is very little let-up.Julia Halstead-Cleak, clinical psychologist and founder of the Oxford Healthcare Retreat in Sandton, says she has seen a marked increase in high-functioning people seeking treatment because they feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

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True Love

A tranquil space to recharge from the inside out, right at the heart of Johannesburg North.

There’s no denying that the year-end slump has most of us feeling drained and running on low energy levels, which is why I was grateful when I was offered the opportunity to spend a night at the Oxford Healthcare Retreat.  It’s a boutique guesthouse that merges wellness and serenity.

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A new Joburg health retreat could be just what you need.

Elon Musk, take note. We love your innovations, your swashbuckling business maverick style and your vision that has no bounds. But it’s time to gather your depleted self and let go of those impetuous tweets.

Take a break. Look after your mental well-being.

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Financial Mail October 11 – October 17 2018 Life Outbox Wellness

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