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Option 1- Intensive wellness retreat

This specialised executive package is an intensive 4 day – 4 night treatment for those requiring an immediate sense of relief and some sustained rest and rejuvenation. This is our recommended package for those in need of immediate stress detox and health management.

Option 2 – Sustained wellness retreat

This alternate executive wellness package is available for those who would prefer a less intensive and more sustained intervention. This is a 2 day – 2 night treatment followed by 4 x half day maintenance support treatments spread over a 4 to 6 month period.


We understand that you need to perform optimally in today’s fast moving ever changing work place while managing high levels of stress, fatigue, performance pressure and the competing demands of the workplace and everyday life.

We often dismiss our own self care and health maintenance until we reach a place of overwhelm and exhaustion/burnout. This will impact negatively on work, health, important relationships and your capacity to be present and engage with your partners, children, colleagues and friends.

Our professional intervention is grounded in current research and based on an integrative biopsychosocial approach that attends to your unique well-being. You will leave the Retreat with skills that will help you manage your physiological and psychological stress response, a greater insight into your individual coping patterns, options for ongoing health management and a replenished sense of optimism.

A typical retreat day

Yoga and mindfulness meditation


Psychotherapy consult:

  • Mindfulness and stress relieving skills learning sessions
  • Work life coaching sessions to identify your patterns of stress, provide practical skills to manage triggers with regards to interpersonal engagement and enhance your competency in managing your own healthcare

Physical treatment (either massage or cranio-sacral or reflexogy) or Nutritional Consult


Personal time

Floatation pool

Physiological Treatments to alleviate the tension in your body, replenish and invigorate your energy levels. (either massage or cranio-sacral or reflexogy) or a Nutritional Consultation.



Music sensorium


Evening Mindfulness Session or Sensory Meditation


Our overall aim is to:

Our overall aim is to:

  • Provide symptomatic relief of stress and fatigue.
  • Provide insight into the manifestations of stress and management of optimal wellness.
  • Provide you with a sense of feeling well nourished, well informed and well-resourced both physically and emotionally.
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