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What We Do

The treatment philosophy of Oxford Healthcare Retreat comes from the research and clinical evidence that ongoing stress, excessive work pressure and relationship difficulties tend to manifest in bodily symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, back and neck pain, muscle tension, digestive problems, disturbed sleep, weight issues and chronic pain. Conversely, chronic physical distress and pain affects us psychologically, resulting in irritability, depression, anxiety, and impacts negatively on our relationships, sleep quality, and energy levels.

Our therapeutic goal is to enhance your sense of overall well-being, facilitate an informed understanding of the way your mind and body interact, and provide a set of skilled based interventions to develop, secure and maintain optimal healthy functioning.

Treatments Offered

Self- awareness is the path to psychological and physical health:


Individual and group sessions with our psychologists will enhance your wellbeing by providing an understanding of the way stress and distress impact on your physical, mental and relationship functioning. You will leave with a set of skills to assist with managing your stress, regulating your emotions and better understanding yourself.


Our nutritionist will consult with you to identify, understand and implement your optimum nutritional and lifestyle strategies in order to maximize wellbeing and energy.

A calm body is the sure way to a calm mind:

Our physiological/body treatments focus on restoring the body’s capacity to function optimally and coherently.


Studies show that massage therapy can reduce pain and muscular tension and relieve stress. Massage can be helpful for anxiety, digestive disorders, chronic pain, insomnia linked to stress, soft tissue injuries and headaches. Massage improves joint mobility, blood and lymphatic circulation and has a soothing effect, producing feelings of comfort and connection in the recipient.


When we practise Kundalini Yoga, we strengthen our bodies, calm our minds, learn to take distance and gain techniques for capacity and enjoyment in our lives. Kundalini Yoga classes will include Warm Up postures to strengthen, tone and stretch your body; Pranayama(Breathing Techniques) to nourish and balance; A Yoga Set; and, Deep Relaxation and Meditation. Yoga nurtures our ability to focus, concentrate and be present. Yoga practice tunes us in to our needs and the needs of others, developing self-acceptance, emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion and self-esteem. For more info on Kundalini Yoga:


The conscious control of breathing is a simple and effective way to improve clarity and focus, promote better sleep, relax mood and reduce tension.


Individual sessions in the floatation pool are a way of achieving deep relaxation by allowing you to experience complete weightlessness. Weightless floating calms our overly stimulated systems and restores the body’s balance. It can relieve joint and muscle stress, improve blood flow and oxygen distribution. Time in our floatation pool is particularly effective in quickly improving the quality of sleep.


Meditation is the practice of training your mind to focus and redirect thoughts to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. This facilitates stress and anxiety reduction. Meditation training can also enhance self control by improving attention, impulse control and self-awareness.


Cranio-sacral therapy is a holistic, gentle “hands on therapy”. It can assist in removing blockages and restoring the natural flow of the cranio-sacral system and restoring the autonomic nervous system to normal function. Cranio-sacral therapy has many benefits including relief of anxiety, back and neck pain, general pain and head injuries, as well as boosting overall health and well-being, relief from insomnia, fatigue and poor digestion.


Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas.


Certain types of music have been shown to facilitate emotional regulation, calm an agitated physiological state and activate a sense of coherence, safety and well being. Time in the private and tranquil chill room (music sensorium), with our specially curated music playlist, will complement and enhance your treatment experience. For more information see the work of Dr Stephen Porges


Saunas have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Heat stimulates and strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation. Time in the sauna will assist with detoxification and enhance feelings of wellbeing and relaxation.


Guided walking sessions in and around the Retreat will get your body moving, your muscles warmed up and your mind engaged. Daily walking has more health benefits than sporadic intensive exercise, and improves mood, capacity to think and creative problem solving.

Why you need a healthcare retreat or stress detox

We live in a fast paced, high demand world in which we need to keep performing. Managing our stress and taking care of ourselves is crucial to a healthy sense of self, maintaining satisfying relationships, embracing our lives and finding pleasure in what we do and who we are.

Stress and exhaustion negatively affect our minds and bodies, compromise our energy levels, influence our thinking, and change our behaviours. This in turn affects our relationships and our sense of personal well-being. When we are psychologically stressed we experience increased anxiety, irritability and feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling out of control. This in turn creates ruminative (round and round) thinking processes and can lead to impulsive (and sometimes self-destructive) behaviours that we may regret afterwards. If this continues without respite, we start to feel depressed, depleted, exhausted and purposeless. The cycle of low mood, listlessness and tiredness will be perpetuated. This then manifests in our bodies as physiological symptoms which may include sleep disturbances, head-aches, muscle tension, digestive problems as well as chronic pain.

Time spent in the tranquil environment of the Oxford Healthcare Retreat offers a holistic approach to personal and relationship restoration and reinvigoration.

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