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All suites are discounted by 5% for this package. Prices quoted below are for 2 persons staying for 2 nights. Prices for treatments will be added to your choice of accommodation.
Luxury Villa Suite R17 100 plus R6405 for treatments
Signature Suite R12 920 plus R6405 for treatment
Executive Suite R11 875 plus R6405 for treatments
Manor Suite R11 115 plus R6405 for treatments
Deluxe Suite R10 165 plus R6405 for treatments
Retreat Suite R8 645 plus R6405 for treatments

Do you ever wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with all those years ago?

For many of us in marriages or long-term relationships, the honeymoon stage is quickly over. Gone are the small, intimate moments of joy and connection where you notice all the little things that you love and appreciate in one another. Before you know it, you are caught up with the multiple, competing demands of work, children, household chores – the mundane minutia of everyday life.

Perhaps you long for a deeper connection with your partner, an opportunity to spend meaningful quality time together, free from the stresses and distractions of everyday life. Whether you’re in a safe, solid relationship, or you are hanging on by your fingertips, our Couple’s 2 Day Retreat will offer you increased intimacy and the invitation to reconnect.

A close, loving bond is a gift to yourselves and to your children (if you have them), who live in the space between you. We all thrive in connection and need to be valued and understood. Our Couples Retreat will teach you how to become fully present so that you reattach to one another, can reduce conflict, grow from your differences and rediscover your joy of being together.

Our overall aim is to:

  • Re-establish emotional connection between you by becoming open, attuned and responsive to one another
  • Deepen communication between you
  • Transform stress and frustration into opportunities to connect
  • Learn and grow from your differences
  • Increase passion
  • Identify your needs and wishes within your relationship
  • Understand how your individual histories impact on your relationship

This package includes:

  • all meals and soft beverages
  • use of the guesthouse facilities: swimming pool, sauna, music sensorium, lounge, veranda, your private ensuite room with balcony and the grounds of the property
  • floatation pool
  • one couple’s therapy consultation with a professional psychologist
  • one spa treatment per person (either a facial, reflexology, /mani-pedi or reiki session per person)
  • one couple’s massage treatment
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