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Our long stay packages offer a tranquil and caring environment to rest and recuperate. Your emotional and physical treatments will be designed and monitored by our professional team to support your particular healing needs.

A typical day at the retreat

Yoga and mindfulness meditation


Psychotherapy consult:

  • Mindfulness and stress relieving skills learning sessions
  • Work life coaching sessions to identify your patterns of stress, provide practical skills to manage triggers with regards to interpersonal engagement and enhance your competency in managing your own healthcare

Physical treatment (either massage or cranio-sacral or reflexogy) or Nutritional Consult


Personal time

Floatation pool

Physiological Treatments to alleviate the tension in your body, replenish and invigorate your energy levels (either massage or cranio-sacral or reflexogy) or a Nutritional Consultation.



Music sensorium


Evening Mindfulness Session or Sensory Meditation

Our overall aim is to:

  • Create opportunities for longer-term recuperation and convalescence as part of a healing process
  • Provide a nurturing, replenishing and comfortable space
  • Support psychological well-being and improved health management
  • Provide you with a sense of feeling well-nourished, well-informed and well-resourced both physically and emotionally.


PLEASE NOTE : We are NOT a hospital, clinic or rehabilitation facility. At this point unfortunately we are not wheel chair accessible for overnight stays.

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