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I feel very privileged to have experienced a day at your wellness health retreat in Melrose North.
On arrival I literally felt the unwinding begin in the clam tranquil space. Your decor is tastefully done and easy to be in.

I was fortunate enough to experience a full day from the morning yoga to my afternoon relax in the music room.
Yoga was perfect for me as a self-conscious person, the instructor was gentle and the class was small. 
The food was very delicious and because the food was presented in the buffet type setting, it was easy for me to take enough but go back for seconds, without feeling too greedy!!

I am a massage snob, so I was pleasantly surprised at how I totally unwound during my session, floated out of the room and levitated to the music room, to gently come back into the space. 

Its hard to say if the biggest treat was the floatation tank. This was such a wonderful experience of real me time, the gentle music surrounding my body inside and out.

I have honestly never been in such a place of relaxation. 

So I would like to say my overall experience was real unwind. De-stress and a feeling of total privilege to be able to get all of the best of your de-stress menu in one magnificent setting.

Thank you to management and to the professionals that created this place.

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