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Dr Shana Saffer

Dr Shana Saffer is a Specialist Psychiatrist who practices with an integrative mindset. She holds a Cum Laude degree in Medicine and Surgery from Wits University and is a Fellow of the South African College of Psychiatrists. She enhances her practice by recognising the intimate link between mind and body. She understands when to refer for healing modalities outside of using medication but remains a skilled psychopharmacotherapist. She is interested in many systems of personality theory and self-development, and manages the severe stress, “burnout”, and glandular dysfunction that has become a scourge of the current times. She has personally practiced kundalini yoga and MBSR for many years.

Her motto is “live with passion, be curious, laugh out loud, do lots of Yoga. Be gentle. Be your own best version, and always take responsibility”

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