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Dr Jow’hara Chundra is a Specialist Psychiatrist in private practice at Oxford Healthcare Centre. She is also a Director and Consultant Psychiatrist for Adult Services at The Day Clinic. Dr Chundra was a Senior Psychiatrist at Tara Hospital where she ran the specialised psychotherapy unit for seven years. She has comprehensive experience in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Techniques, Complex-Trauma and group and individual psychotherapy. She has lectured and presented widely on the topics of DBT and Personality Disorders.

At the Wits University Department of Psychiatry, she was also a member of the Undergraduate Committee, responsible for training and examining young doctors and other allied professionals. Dr Chundra has extensive experience in treating patients with depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, anxiety and trauma-related disorders, along with personality difficulties in both biological and psychotherapeutic modalities. She has a special interest in post-natal mood disorders, parent-infant bonding and attachment, as well as the impact of psychiatric disorders on families.

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