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As February unfolds, the world may celebrate fleeting moments of passion but at Oxford Healthcare Retreat, we believe in nurturing enduring bonds and sustained wellness for couples. This month, our newsletter is dedicated to celebrating connection that goes beyond a single day, focusing on the holistic well-being of couples through our specially curated Couples Retreat. We also shine a spotlight on the transformative power of movement as medicine.

"The quality of your relationship directly impacts the quality of your life."
- Esther Perel

For many of us in marriages or long-term relationships, the honeymoon stage is swiftly left behind. Those small, cherished moments of joy and connection seem to fade amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life – consumed by work, parenting, and household chores.

Maybe you yearn for a more profound connection with your partner, a chance to share genuine, quality time together, away from the noise and distractions of everyday life. Whether you're sailing smoothly in a strong relationship or navigating choppy waters, our Couple’s 2 Day Retreat beckons, promising heightened intimacy and an opportunity to reignite that spark of connection🌱

Our overall aim with this package is to:
  • Re-establish emotional connection between you by becoming open, attuned and responsive to one another
  • Deepen communication between you
  • Transform stress and frustration into opportunities to connect
  • Learn and grow from your differences
  • Increase passion
  • Identify your needs and wishes within your relationship
  • Understand how your individual histories impact on your relationship
Included in this 2 night package is:
  • all meals and tea and coffee
  • use of the guesthouse facilities: swimming pool, sauna, music sensorium, lounge, veranda, your private en-suite room with balcony and the grounds of the property
  • floatation pool
  • one couple’s therapy consultation with a professional psychologist
  • one spa treatment per person (either a facial, reflexology, /mani-pedi or reiki session per person)
  • one couple’s massage treatment
The benefits of movement as medicine is one that we wholeheartedly promote at our holistic wellness sanctuary.

Our garden is bathed in natural light and surrounded by tall, established trees, offering the ideal setting for outdoor movement practices that we incorporate into our Retreat Packages. Whether it's gentle yoga flows, a mindful Qi Gong session or a private strength session, each movement modality is tailored to nurture holistic well-being. As you engage in these practices, you'll discover a profound connection between movement and healing, tapping into the innate wisdom of your body to restore balance and vitality. Just as the gentle ripples in our floatation pool soothe the senses, movement serves as a catalyst for rejuvenation.

Embrace the transformative power of movement as medicine, and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness and vitality.🌿
If you'd like more info please find our website at www.oxfordhealthcareretreat.co.za or send us an email to info@oxfordhealthcareretreat.co.za. Our staff are ready to chat to you and tailor a package to your needs.

We look forward to hosting you on your journey to wellness!

Yours in health,
the OHR Team
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