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Gain a fresh perspective when you retreat...

We at Oxford Healthcare Retreat believe that taking time to retreat is not only an investment in oneself but also a pathway to an improved state of being.

The fast-paced nature of everyday life can often leave us feeling stressed, anxious, and exhausted without the ability to evaluate our circumstances objectively.
Retreats provide a chance to step back, reflect, and reset. They allow us to disconnect from our daily routines and responsibilities and instead focus on our personal growth, mental and physical health, and overall wellness.

Gift yourself the opportunity of a fresh perspective and join us for one of our transformative retreat experiences.
This month we'd like to highlight our Nourishing Overnight Package.

For the busy executive or stressed parent looking for a short respite and reset, this one's for you! Our aim is to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that offers symptomatic relief from stress and fatigue. We also strive to provide you with insight into your stressors and how to manage them, leaving you feeling well-nourished, well-informed and well-resourced both physically and emotionally.

You can check in from 16h00 the night before and enjoy a private session in our floatation pool or music sensorium and delicious dinner to end the evening.
This package includes:
  • Guesthouse stay in a luxury, private en-suite room with a balcony
  • All meals and beverages, prepared with your wellness in mind
  • Access to the guesthouse treatment facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, lounge, and veranda
  • Floatation pool therapy to relax and soothe your muscles
  • Private use of the music sensorium to indulge your senses
  • Exclusive access to the grounds of our beautiful property
You have the option of curating any other treatment or therapy sessions you feel you may need and adding them to your package at an additional cost.

Click the link below to explore our packages 🌱
If you'd like more info please find our website at www.oxfordhealthcareretreat.co.za or send us an email to info@oxfordhealthcareretreat.co.za. Our staff are ready to chat to you and tailor a package to your needs.

We look forward to hosting you on your journey to wellness!

Yours in health,
the OHR Team
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+27 82 772 4794 (Bookings)
+27 79 038 0079 (Office)