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Highlighting the importance of sleep hygiene...

We are delighted to share with you the thoughtfulness we've put into our decor choices at our holistic Wellness Retreat, particularly when it comes to prioritising sleep hygiene.

We believe that creating a serene and peaceful environment is essential for achieving restorative sleep. That is why our retreat spaces are adorned with tranquil decor that promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. We have intentionally chosen to omit televisions from our rooms, recognising that they can be disruptive to sleep patterns. Instead, we encourage you to embrace the tranquility of your surroundings, allowing your mind to unwind and your body to fully rest. To enhance your sleep experience, we have carefully selected extra length, king-sized beds in all our rooms as well as luxurious, cotton bed linen, ensuring maximum comfort and breathability.
We understand the importance of creating an environment that supports your sleep journey and our decor choices are designed with your optimal rest in mind.
This month we'd like to highlight our Couples Weekend Retreat packages.

Perhaps you long for a deeper connection with your partner, an opportunity to spend meaningful quality time together, free from the stresses and distractions of everyday life.
Whether you’re in a safe, solid relationship, or you are hanging on by your fingertips, our Couple’s Retreat Weekends will offer you increased intimacy and the invitation to reconnect.

Our Retreat will teach you how to become fully present so that you reattach to one another, can reduce conflict, grow from your differences and rediscover the joy of being together. Your emotional and physical treatments will be designed and monitored by our professional team to support your particular healing needs.

You can check in from 16h00 the night before and enjoy a private session in our floatation pool or music sensorium and delicious dinner to end the evening.
This package includes:
  • Guesthouse stay in a luxury, private en-suite room with a balcony
  • All meals and beverages, prepared with your wellness in mind
  • Access to the guesthouse treatment facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, lounge, and veranda
  • Daily floatation pool therapy to relax and soothe your muscles
  • Private use of the music sensorium to indulge your senses
  • Exclusive access to the grounds of our beautiful property
You have the option of curating any other treatment or therapy sessions you feel you may need and adding them to your package at an additional cost.

Click the link below to explore all our packages 🌱
If you'd like more info please find our website at www.oxfordhealthcareretreat.co.za or send us an email to info@oxfordhealthcareretreat.co.za. Our staff are ready to chat to you and tailor a package to your needs.

We look forward to hosting you on your journey to wellness!

Yours in health,
the OHR Team
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